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"What is Clanbeat and why does it help me?"

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"How to involve my students?"

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What is Clanbeat and why does it help me?

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To discover answers to questions like: who is Clanbeat for? What does it do? What value does Clanbeat bring?

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Understand Clanbeat
Get started with Clanbeat

How to involve my students?


Get ready for the first lesson.

Lesson plan

Making the intro

We recommend introducing Clanbeat to your students during a class and have prepared a slide deck and video for this first lesson.

Introduction slidesStudent orientation video

Best practise tips

There are simple methods you can use to make the most out of Clanbeat. Find out below.

Setting up best practise habits


In-depth overview

Find out how everything works feature-by-feature.

User Manual

Walk-through videos

Check out our quick walk-through videos on what you and your students can do in Clanbeat.

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