Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – you can use Clanbeat both on desktop and most mobile devices. To download the mobile app, please find Clanbeat on the App Store or Google Play.

Setting up a school account on Clanbeat does not take over a few minutes since primarily you only need to link your email account to Clanbeat. When done, you can start using the system right away. Please make sure to also invite your colleagues, though.

In case of several accounts per institution, we will contact the account holders and advise you to decide under which Virtual Teachers’ Lounge to continue working. The additional school account will be closed.

Please turn to the school representative and have them confirm that they sent the invitation to your email. Double check that you gave your correct email address. If so, please check your inbox folders, including junk folders, and make sure you are logged in to the same email account to which the invitation was sent.

Yes, there is. The school representative requests access from us while the school staff will be able to join the team members for the first time after they have received an invitation from the school representative.

Using a Google account ensures that you have direct access to the system. If you use a Hotmail account, you will need to return to your inbox and click on the temporary access link after each time you have logged out of your Clanbeat account.

The most common frequencies for running 1-on-1s are weekly, biweekly and monthly. Holding 1-on-1s only once a quarter will cause problems to start slipping through the cracks. This would also mean that the feedback loop for your professional development and personal growth becomes very long, making it difficult to voice concerns at the right time.

Please pay attention to the size of your photos. Note that the photos you upload to Clanbeat cannot be bigger than 5 MB.

Unfortunately it is currently only possible to upload a photo to an Insight.

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to hold video conversations in the Virtual Teachers’ Lounge.