Introducing Clanbeat to your students

We have prepared a quick slide deck that you can use to introduce Clanbeat to your students.

It gives a quick overview about the benefits of Clanbeat and it gives directions to your students on how they can get started.

They are instructed to download the Clanbeat app and enter your account’s JOIN CODE.

This JOIN CODE is a special code for your account and it enables students to access your Clanbeat community. You can look up your JOIN CODE in your mobile application.

So please also make the change on slide number 5 and enter your personal JOIN CODE in the designated space.

If you prefer Google Slides over downloading a PowerPoint or a KeyNote version of the slides, then please make a copy of the slide deck to edit the “Join code” afterwards.

Find the example PDF: HERE or download your preferred option of the slides below:

KeynotePowerPointGoogle Slides