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An open letter to innovative educators

Considering the turbulent times, we are offering Clanbeat for free for educators around the world to solve some of the biggest challenges in education today: students’ growth and well-being hand in hand, holistically.

​Clanbeat is an inspiring and an intuitive app​, where they can bring their full self, interact with their school community and develop meaningful connections and a sense of belonging, manage and improve their everyday life and experience of the world, learning about themselves, their peers and learning as a whole. It means more quality relationships and more quality learning.

Clanbeat is an easy-to-use and insightful app and desktop interface that helps to nurture the humane connection with their students, relate to their lives more fully and provide increasingly personalized support.

  • Through data analysis and insight, you will be able to accelerate your students’ growth and well-being, helping them to overcome their obstacles with more awareness.
  • Also, you can develop a community of fellow changemakers who want to be part of creating an innovative personalized learning technology together with researchers and educators.

In short: we are here to help you and we are on this journey together with you.

Clanbeat value to teachers and school community

Real-time insight

Selected real-time student data for early intervention.

Improved well-being

Reduced stress and greater life satisfaction from more awareness and connection.

Better class results

More quality time for learning and teaching.

Quick problem solving

Faster information flows and space for tackling questions.

Stronger community

More synergised and resilient group.

Systemic approach

Systemic support to you and your students’ growth and well-being.

As a pioneer in your school


  • A unique opportunity to start using Clanbeat in your organization and build a better future for teachers and students
  • FREE usage for our co-created platform
  • Together with your students, you will be among the first to benefit from the innovation
  • Early access to future Clanbeat updates and new features
  • Articles about your journey to be published on our channels
  • A mission-driven community of international educators
  • A chance to become a Clanbeat ambassador in your region in 6 months


  • You are an educator for grade 5-12 students in an International School, e.g IB, EB (all countries are welcome)
  • You are passionate about well-being and growth for every person
  • You are interested in using a radically useful technology solution
  • You are ready to use the Clanbeat app in your organization with your students
  • You are willing to  provide your input, insight from your students’ experience and share stories
  • You would be open to share Clanbeat with other educators in your network if you find it beneficial

What your students will develop

Clanbeat is a virtual space for students’ growth and well-being ​- through supporting them in taking an active role in their learning and life (i.e. agency). At the heart of it, there is the cycle of setting goals, planning actions, acting and reflecting.

Clanbeat has become FREE now to support you in post-Covid-19 era.

We will send you our app access code within one working day after completing the signup form.

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