Every person’s growth and well-being matters

Clanbeat’s mission is to help students take charge of their learning and life and develop skillsfor creating a better future. Pick your beginning step.


A tool for students and teachers

To be spot on with each of your students, as a teacher you need a systemic yet time-efficient approach.

We’ll help you to build supportive group culture and gather data on students’ holistic growth and well-being so you know what needs your attention.

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Clanbeat for Teachers

A tool for all school staff

To role model and support students, school staff needs good care for their own growth and well-being.

We’ll help you to align your school’s adult community, promoting human connection, openness and constant learning. New employee onboarding included.

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Our solutions take you on cycle of constant improvement

Plan - act - reflect. And again and again, propelling learning. You may start at whichever point and see where it takes you. And, the others can support you.


To learn and to grow, look back and look forward. Take time to make sense of things.


Make the future a better place for yourself and others. Set your goals. Plan your actions. Keep an eye on your to-dos.


Make things happen. Do what you desire to get done. On your own and together with others.

Our solutions are co-created with schools

Hundreds of students and teachers have offered their time and insight to the development of Clanbeat.

We continue to co-create and grow our solutions day by day together with our community of users. And, you can get involved, too!

Our solutions are based on the latest research in educational psychology

In our team, we have educational psychologists, true experts and advocates in their field.

We are committed to using research as a way for creating real value for our users’ growth and well-being.

Our solutions are safe and easy to use

Setting up does not require training. Opening up accounts takes only a few minutes. It has proven simple-to-use for both the younger and the older.

Data sharing is controlled by the users. Also, all personal data is encrypted, keeping your digital footprint safe and secure. Clanbeat is GDPR compliant.


For your people’s growth and well-being, what would you like to discover first?