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Clanbeat is a 1-on-1 tool that brings human touch to team management and leads to a people-first culture

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  • Gain a framework for continuous employee growth
  • Build trust and a more efficient work flow
  • Keep problems short and small
  • Make good people stick around
  • Create a company culture to be proud of
  • Unlock your potential
  • Become smarter faster
  • Get recognition and support
  • Avoid problems building up
  • Set up for a long term success

John and Elizabeth will show you how it works

Step by step

Share insights

What makes you happy or gets you down. What did you achieve or need to work on. It’s like a team diary to keep all the team members on the same page, including the team lead.

Prep for 1-on-1

The daily insights will lead to monthly 1-on-1s with the team lead. To prepare for the 1-on-1, highlight the notes you intend to discuss. Add comments, if you wish.

Have a 1-on-1

Clanbeat makes structured employee-employer conversations as easy and effortless as possible. It offers long term focus, aim and overview to the team lead, yet places the employee in a position of empowerment. As a result, 1-on-1s grow trust and get to the core of issues.

Keep track of goals

For maximum benefit, 1-on-1s end with setting goals and reviewing previous ones. This encourages the employee to stay involved and keep on growing with the team.

The team behind Clanbeat