Create active communities around your training courses

Empower your clients to reach their goals, have a sense of belonging and hold each other accountable.

Read between the lines: you’ll have more clients who are engaged and in less risk of dropping off.

TRAINERS clanbeat

Clanbeat is a unique app tailored to nurture meaningful connections, personal well-being and self-growth.

What will you get?

  • Build exclusive membership communities for sharing information across members and drive accountability
  • Share content, engage, and learn by gathering reflections & feedback
  • Manage multiple groups simultaneously and share easily to select group(s)
  • Help participants to get to know each other better and build trust
  • Keep up with your group progress and how they are doing overall with shared plans and reflections
  • Automatic daily or weekly check-ins customised by you to see how everyone is feeling or progressing.

What will learners get?

  • Be part of accountability groups
  • Share their highs and lows, empowering each other
  • Daily / weekly well-being check ins
  • Reflection diary for each member
  • Nudges to stay on track with learning goals
  • Get to know fellow members

Get started now!

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Send out an invite email to your clients.

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