Supporting everyday work

Supporting everyday work

Clanbeat helps to manage your goals through a daily planner, where it is easy to have an overview of the tasks at hand. As important as planning and completing goals – is reflection on things at hand. To truly understand the drivers behind your actions and growth.

Organisational task management

Send trackable tasks to specific individuals or the whole team, get live feedback and have a dashboard overview of everybody’s progress.

Individual goal management

Personal goal setting, reflecting and sharing helps to be on top of things and share the knowledge also with colleagues for shorter learning curve.


Structuring information by creating hashtags helps to group insights together for shorter learning curve for quick access for colleagues who need to tackle the same topics.

Private reflections

Private reflections for yourself or your closest peers for growth and better self-management skills.


For teacher-leader meetings, mentoring or coaching -drawing input from insights shared on Clanbeat.


Welcoming new team members to your community and designing their journey step-by-step pegged to real insights from colleagues.

Connecting people

Connecting people

Clanbeat brings all the school staff together into one humane information space enabling each other's support. Sharing information and gratitude, voicing and addressing concerns, making highs and lows visible.

Community feed

Real time feed of insights allows people to share meaningful content by posting text, pictures and links.

Posts with temperature

Adding temperature to insights allows people to make highs and lows visible to their targeted audience, stepping up for each other and creating a supportive real time community.

Group discussions

Creating discussions targeted only to the people it is relevant to, for fast information sharing, problem solving or group reflection.

Recognition and gratitude

Making it visible who have been meaningful companions and sharing the love to them directly or on group level.

Skills and learning interests

Visualise people’s skillsets and learning desires for shorter learning curve by learning from each others experiences


Find people most similar to you, with skills or expertise you need for progressing and connect on human level.