COMING SOON – Clanbeat Classroom

Growth and well-being of future makers

We want to contribute to a world where the unknown is embraced with grace. Clanbeat is working on creating tools which support the growth of self-regulated learners and problem solvers following their inner motivation and strengths, building strong positive habits and wellbeing. Strongly supported by their community. So they would know what to do, even if they do not know what to do.


Coming up May 2020

Clanbeat Classroom is a virtual space, connecting teacher and students in one safe environment. It’s warm and friendly and offers an easy way to communicate and support each other to stay close no matter what reality we are in.

  • Get to know your class members better
  • Share insights and experiences
  • Ask for help
  • Reflect and spot emotions
  • Empathise and cheer each other

Coming up June 2020

Students can take charge of their daily doings and practice one of the toughest yet most critical skills – planning.

  • Record to-dos in one place
  • Weigh and label to-dos, and make them just as big or small as needed
  • Set reminders
  • Enjoy the pleasure of seeing what you have achieved

Become part of the movement today

Clanbeat Classroom will be released for piloting in May 2020. Join us now to be among the early adopters and co-creators!

Or, be among the first ones to receive the info in June right when our product’s first stage is officially ready together with the planner feature!

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